Special Events

Music Department's Annual Fruit Sale
October 9th-November 26th

California oranges | Clementines | Grapefruit | Pears | Braeburn apples | Ambrosia apples | Mixed fruit boxes | Meat and Cheese gift box from Westby Coop

Contact Paul Adickes or any music student at Luther High School to order fruit. The proceeds go towards Luther's Music Department. The items will then be delivered on December 5th to Luther High School. For more information contact Paul Adickes: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Grandparents Day-October 18 at 8:15AM

8:15-9:00AM-Continental breakfast with your grandchild(ren)
9:00-9:20AM-Attend a chapel service led by our students!
10:00-11:10AM-Choose an activity to participate in with your grandchild(ren):
(Art, Band, Choir, Phy Ed, Robotics, Science, or Wood Shop)
11:15-11:30AM-Entertainment: Sound Foundation Musical Review
*RSVP on the form provided by your congregation or grandchild(ren)

Fall Family Festival- October 20 at 2:30PM

Music Concert | Building Tours | Special Activites | Root Beer Floats | Art Projects

Area Reformation Service Featuring Koiné
November 3, 2019 | 2:00PM | St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Originally formed in 2003 as a worship band, Koiné combines century-old hymns with a modern accompaniment that is causing people everywhere to take notice. With their arrangements, Koiné strives to find a unique balance between the familiarity of the classic hymn melodies and the raw instrumentation of the new arrangements.
For the past 10 years, Koiné has been a full-time band. It’s members have no other jobs with music sales and touring becoming their only source of income. Koiné now travels the North America sharing their unique music ministry. In 2010, Koiné performed over 200 times across the United States, leading worship, performing concerts, and offering “Special Services.” These Special Services combine Scriptural narration, music, and multimedia to present Biblical stories in a whole new musical format. The popularity of these presentations has grown over the past 7 years to include 5 different Christmas presentations, a Lenten, a Tenebrae, an Easter presentation and Visit Illuminated.