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Skylert & Notifications

There are two ways you can customize notifications from Luther High School.


Luther High School uses Skylert to mass communicate with our parents & students. It is tied directly into our student information software called Skyward.

Parents/Guardians (not available to students) can customize your Skylert communications by going into your Skyward Family Access (website and/or mobile app) and clicking on the "Skylert" option from the dashboard/homepage. Within that you have 3 areas to customize:

  1. Phone contacts
  2. Email contacts
  3. Text contacts
    1. To recieve text messages you must opt-in by sending “Y” or “Yes” to 67587
    2. Skylert SMS Texting Opt-In Instructions

Feel free to edit these contacts to best suit your family.

What types of messages can families expect from Skylerts?

  • Emergency messages, such as school closures due to inclement weather, etc.
  • General messages about school, such as completing forms, verifying information, daily schedule changes
  • Attendance & Food Service messages (optional)

Message Center Notifications

Configuring your message center settings enables you to filter which types of messages and notifications you receive via email.

NOTE: Message Center notification customization is dependent on the individual Skyward account. Editing the student account will not affect a parent account and vice versa. Many families have at least 3 accounts (student, father, mother). Forgot your username/password? Click here

Parents/Guardians and students can customize their own notifications by going into their Skyward Family Access (website only, not available in the mobile app) and clicking on the "My Messages" menu item near the top right of the screen of the dashboard/homepage, then "Settings."

The following link is a short video on how to customize your message center: Configuring Message Center Settings in Family Access

What types of messages/notifications can families expect from Message Center Notifications?

  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Food Service
  • Grade high/low scores
  • Missing assignments
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Password changes
  • Etc.