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Student Council

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The Student Council is the student government at Luther High School.  The Council has as its primary purpose the development of student responsibility and leadership from a Christian point of view.  It servellow students, to promote a good relationship between the student body and the faculty, and to promote the general welfare of the school.

Handbook activities

  • Conduct elections
  • Organize and conduct homecoming activities
  • Assist in planning & implementing Christmas at Luther
  • Determine and promote mission projects
  • Plan and arrange Arbor Day and Spring Fling
  • Arrange for dances organized by Student Council
  • Organize parent’s nights for the respective sports
  • Organize lyceums for presentation to the student body
  • Help organize 8th grade day
  • Assist the faculty to address and resolve appropriate concerns
  • Look for ways to improve Luther High School
  • Look for ways to serve Christ

The Student Council is comprised of 19 students including a president, a secretary, a treasurer, three representatives from each class and the class presidents.  The members are elected by their classmates.
Each student council member will:

  • Actively participate at meetings
  • Comply with the decisions reached by the Council
  • Set an example of Christian character and conduct in and out of school
  • Maintain eligibility

The candidate with the greatest number of votes in the final election is the elected officer.