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September 16, 2020

LES Band Friday Rehearsals Cancelled First Semester

In the interest of keeping students safe, abiding by rules and regulations of La Crosse county, and canceled concert opportunities all Friday LES Band rehearsals at Luther are canceled for the first semester. 

Individual private lessons at each Lutheran elementary school will continue to take place.

To give students a group band experience band instructors will work to put together small ensembles at each individual school and work with accompanists to find playing opportunities in church. 

We look forward to getting to teach private lessons during this first semester and encourage children to remain in lessons to further their instrumental skills.

The entire music faculty at Luther loves to share our passion for music with young musicians. It is through music that students get to use both the creative and analytical sides of their brain at the same time; learning to be creative children and advance their technical abilities for more than just instrument note fingerings. Thank you for your continued support of music education for children.


August 27, 2020

Sabre, Lancer, and Jazz Band Rehearsals

Due to the current return-to-school plan at Luther, outside groups are not permitted to use the building. This includes our LES Band Program since students are regularly in different schools within a large radius of Onalaska. Large group rehearsals will not take place until outside groups gain facility use of Luther. Keeping the school building closed to outside groups is done in order to decrease the number of visitors in the building and keep the essential personnel and students safe and healthy. Luther’s administration, as well as the music faculty, are regularly assessing the current pandemic state and coordinating with the health department to determine when visitors and outside organizations will be allowed to use the school building. 

Until LES Band rehearsals begin face to face, virtual options are being considered to provide a large group music education to students in grades 5-8. 

We are still planning big and exciting things for when we get to be back together and make music!


August 25, 2020

LES Band Registration Is Open!

Click here to register online. Please fill out one registration form per child. Further information about fees can be found in the registration form. Thank you!

LES Band Website

The main website for LES Band will be at You can also navigate there by going to Luther’s website,, and under the ARTS tab clicking on LES Band. News and updates will also be available on the website under the “News & Schedules” tab.


August 11, 2020

Face to Face Lessons in Fall

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with grade school principals to find out if their schools will allow outside lessons to come in. No matter the school, I or any of our other band instructors will wear face masks and maintain a six-foot social distance during lessons. Temperature screenings will also take place for instructors before entering select school buildings. 

Starting Times and Dates

Normally lessons and rehearsals begin around the second week of school. This year because recruitment for beginning band members was not able to happen in spring the lesson starting date will be pushed back. After recruitment happens I will have a better idea of numbers for each school and will be able to schedule lesson times and begin teaching lessons. 


Band registration will be moved to completely online. Returning band families will be sent a link to a form on Luther’s website that will register them for band. This form is nearing completion and will be sent out in the near future. I am also pursuing online payments. The registration form and hopefully a payment center will be readily available on Luther’s website.

Luther’s Website

During virtual lessons in spring, many of you became accustomed to going to Luther’s website for lesson schedules and joining an online lesson. I will continue to use Luther’s website as a home for information, forms, schedules, and other announcements. This way you will always have a place to go for the most current information.

Concerts and Rehearsals

The music staff at Luther would love to have “normal” concerts again this year. We have been talking about having a “return concert” this fall and are quite excited about making music with students again. However, many decisions need to be made before concerts will be able to return to “normal”. We thank you for your patience while details and protocols are worked out.


While plans are being made to keep everyone safe, healthy, and educated; they may change at the drop of a hat. As school nears I will communicate updates as fast as possible. Luther’s website will again be your best place to go for information.