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Good Steward Resale Shop

good steward 


In 2001, The Good Steward Resale Shop began as an idea and has grown into a successful non-profit business that benefits Luther High School and many charities. On November 8, 2001 Wise Managers was incorporated. The board of Wise Managers studied the activity of a resale shop in Jefferson, WI that had a simiilar purpose and patterend the Good Steward Resale Shop on that model. A building on the corner of George Street and US 53 was donated on April 23, 2002, and the Good Steward opened its doors with an expansion added to that building in 2006. Ten years later, Good Steward relocated on Rose Street in La Crosse to a newly constructed building. The resale shop has been able to benefit many students and charities since its first opening and we pray that God will continue to bless the Good Steward Resale Shop for many years to come! 

During its 17 year existence it has given more than three million dollars to Luther High and $328,670 to other charitable organizations.  A large quantity of clothing and housewares has also been given to people in need. What a blessing!  You can help to continue these blessings by volunteering your time at the Good Steward, and by donating your gently used clothing and houseware items. Volunteers who work a minimum number of hours can nominate students for grants at Luther High or area Lutheran elementary schools. If a volunteer works a sufficient number of hours from June 1- May 31, the student will receive a grant for the following school year. Information and forms for this purpose are available at the store. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Good Steward at 608-779-9763 or stop in at the store which is located at 1930 Rose Street in La Crosse.