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Skyward is the student information system that Luther High School uses to record grades, attendance, transcripts, etc. It is accessible to our parents and students through password-protected access.  If you don't have a password please contact the office. If you have forgotten your password you can have it automatically emailed from the Skyward login screen.

Click the graphic above or Click to enter Skyward Family Access


July 20, 2023 Message about a major upgrade to Skyward

Luther High Parents/Students/Teachers,

For the past few months we have been working hard at upgrading our student information system from Skyward SMS 2.0 to Skyward Qmlativ (pronounced "cumulative"). Thank you for your patience as this is a major undertaking and as of late July we still have some issues to iron out. In the meantime I wanted to share a few important points:

  1. Locked Message - When visiting the Luther High Skyward website some of you may be seeing the following message "All systems are currently unavailable due to district maintenance. They were locked by James Mahnke. Users will not be allowed to login until this process has ended." That link for Skyward SMS 2.0 will no longer be used, instead please use the new Skyward Qmlativ link found on the Luther High website or you can use this direct link
  2. Credentials - Your previous Family/Student/Teacher Access username and password should continue to work with the new Qmlativ system.
  3. Mobile App - There is a new mobile app experience available. Although it uses the exact same app as the old system, you will need to remove your old "district" of Luther High school and search for it again by either "Current Location", "Postal Code" or "District Name". This will reconnect you to the new Qmlativ experience for Luther High School. Please use the following short video(s) for assistance - Introducing the Qmlativ Mobile App
  4. New Family/Student/Teacher Access - Please click the following link for a list of short videos introducing you to the new Qmlativ software. Although Luther High School does not use every feature in Skyward Qmlativ there are some great resources here to answer your questions. Resource Toolkit Videos

We hope this new and improved software update will serve our parents/students/teachers well for years to come.

Blessings to you and your family as we approach another school year under the grace of our Lord!

James Mahnke
Technology Director/Registrar
Luther High School