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Luther High School provides a Christ-centered education that encourages and equips students for life and for eternity.
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LHS Building Project - Finish the Work!

ftw logoThe Luther High Association moved forward with a building project in 2016 which is still ongoing.  To learn more about the project, click here.     

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

Luther High School will be participating in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, which is a part of the Private School Choice Programs. 

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Congratulations to the Luther Light for March, Chelsea Chen of Onalaska, Wisconsin!  Chelsea is a foreign exchange student from Beijing, China and is the daughter of Anna Wu. She lives with the Babinec family and is a member at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Onalaska. 

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February Luther Light Award: Lizzy Hoffe

Congratulations to the Luther Light for February, Lizzy Hoffe of Nodine, Minnesota!  Lizzy is the daughter of Todd and Lisa Hoffe and is a member at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Nodine.  Before coming to Luther High School, she attended St. John’s Lutheran School in Nodine, Minnesota.

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January Luther Light Award: Zachary Wihlm

Congratulations to the Luther Light for January, Zachary Wihlm of La Crosse, Wisconsin!  Zachary is the son of Jason and Johanna Wihlm and is a member at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Onalaska, Wisconsin.


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Self Study 2017-18 Surveys

The following 7 surveys are available to provide feedback for our 2017-18 Self Study.

A. Parent/Guardian Survey
This survey for Parents/ Guardians will provide valuable insights to strengthen and improve Luther High School in serving you and your students.

B. Church MemberSurvey
Members of our Luther High Association congregations, your input will help us identify blessings, challenges, and opportunities.

C. Student Survey
Student surveys afford them an opportunity to express their thoughts about Luther High.

D. Faculty Survey
The faculty survey seeks input from Luther High’s faculty so that we can better serve our students, staff, and faculty.

E. Pastor Survey
Pastor of our Luther High Association congregations will help us evaluate our Christ-centered academic and co-curricular programs.

F. Curriculum Development Cycle Survey
Not available at this time.

G. School Facilities Survey
All members of our Luther High Association, we value your perspective to help us assess the suitability of the facilities available to Luther High in terms of scope and general condition, as these have a serious impact upon the ability of that school to fulfill its stated sense of purpose and mission.

This is YOUR Luther High School!

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